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Swedish Massage

A Swedish Massage is more typically known as a relaxation massage during which broad, slow and gliding strokes are used. This type of massage can help calm your nervous system, improve circulation and reduce stress and blood pressure. 
Session length ranges from 30-90 minutes.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapies are basically all techniques that are not relaxation massage. It can include deep tissue and are most often designed to correct postural or structural imbalances in the body. Some of the techniques that can be used are friction, orthopedic massage, active/passive stretching, cupping and most often include self-care activities to be done at home. Session length ranges from 30-90 minutes.

Chair Massage

This type of massage happens in a seated position with the focus on the upper body. Don’t want to remove your clothing or have time for a full body session? Or, maybe you’ve never experienced a massage and want to try a mini-session? Then chair massage is right for you! This can happen at our location (minimum 15 minutes) or yours.
Session length ranges from 15-45 minutes.

Coming Soon

Raindrop Technique Massage – utilizes a combination of aromatherapy, reflexology and massage. Session length is typically an hour. More details to come!

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