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My Story

My passion for the benefits of massage therapy began when my five-year-old daughter came to me complaining of back pain. I knew nothing about massage but I knew I could at least rub her back with some lotion. About 10 minutes later she fell asleep and didn’t move for three hours! When she woke up she said her back wasn’t bothering her anymore. 

From that moment I was sold on the benefits of massage as it relates to pain reduction and sleep and I knew I had to look into it. It also appealed to my compassionate nature and desire to help others feel better. Ten years later I became a massage therapist.

Since that first experience I have learned about the verifiable effects of massage, such as reduction of stress, pain and muscle tension. I love connecting with my clients using therapeutic, safe touch as well as helping them to learn (sometimes for the first time) what total relaxation feels like. I love feeling their muscles begin to relax underneath my hands and see the tension and weariness disappear from their faces. During a typical session I may use various techniques; for example, Swedish massage, deep tissue, breath work, passive stretching and cupping , as the need dictates. 

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